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Virginie Antoine
aka Winnie

I am originally from France. Even if I was born into an upper-class family, I preferred staying invisible to my parents and my sister rahter than receive their toxic words or corporal punishments. As an indigo child, I observed, I learned about human soul and behaviors. Not guided by my parents, I found spiritual tools to grow by myself.

I have lived in 4 different countries and traveled the World to meet different people and learn about different cultures.

In 2012, after 20 years in the management of big companies, my whole life fell apart and I went through a Near-Death-Experience. I overcame it. I emerged alive healed and happy. A year later I decided to follow my forever dream, moving to Latin America. I did it and I now live in the beautiful country of Panamá.

If I did it,  so can you!
Just decide now to become the best version
of yourself

My daily bliss shows that even if we reach rock bottom or have faced terrible moments, we can make the beautiful flower within us bloom. 
I dedicate my time to guide my clients with the amazing resources I have been using for 40 years. 


Transpersonal Hypnosis®

Institut du Transpersonnel-SB , France

Professional coaching

Leading & Coaching Academy , Belgium 

Erickson Hypnosis

European Hypnosis Academy , France


International Metaphysical University , USA

Accredited profesional AEFTP


Zora Hanackova , Panama


- International Open Academy , USA

- Wonderful Embera Shaman: Irma Caisamo , Panama

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