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FAQ ~ What you need to know

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If you cannot find the information below, write your question about my services here 
I will answer you asap.

1. How does a session take place?

A session always begins with an interview in order to answer all your questions,  specify the purpose of your session. Everything said will remain strictly confidential. 

This moment is for you, just for you. I guide you to reach a state of deep relaxation. During hypnosis sessions, you will be relaxed into a Theta wave state, the same state when you are about to fall asleep, or just when you wake up. So you experience this state at least twice a day. It is also the state where you are there without being there when you are doing a minute activity, admiring a sunset or playing children.

You are not sleeping. Although paused, your conscious is still there, ready to immediately bring you back to your normal state should the need arise. 

The more you engage in this process, the more benefits you will receive from the session.

2. Is it only in English? 
No. C'est aussi en français - Y Tambien en español

I have been trilingual from many years. Even though I never succeeded hiding my tiny French accent, I am perfectly comfortable to guide you in your 'Shakespearean' language. But if you prefer...

Ma langue maternelle est le français. Allons ensemble explorer en douceur votre inconscient et d'autres lieux d'autres temps vous appartenant. Retrouvons des informations nécessaires afin de comprendre ce qu'il s'est passé dans ces vies et comment cela peut impacter votre vie actuelle.

L'énergie n'a pas de langue, elle s'adresse à vous selon vos connaissances et votre culture actuelle. 

Hablo español desde hace mucho tiempo. Vivia in Spain. From 2013, vivo en el maravilloso Panamá. Vamos a explorar tu subconsciente, tus otras vidas, en otras dimensiones, otros tiempos. Descubre lo que tienes que saber para mejorar tu vida actual. La energía no tiene idioma, le habla según sus conocimientos y modelos culturales.

3. Can a therapist can keep secrets from me or make me do things I don't want?

No and no!

You are not asleep or unconscious. Your conscious is muted in order to reach your unconscious. Yet it is always there and watching over you, ready to bring you back to your normal state if necessary. 

Like 99.9% of my fellow therapists, I make it a point of honor to respect the ethics of the profession and respect for my clients. 

Additional warranty? All hypnosis sessions are recorded and you receive a copy of the recording for free. 

4. I am not hypnotizable!

Hypnosis is an altered state of consciousness, like when you perform an action that requires concentration and meticulousness, or when your entire attention is captured by a good novel or movie, for example. Consequently we can affirm that everyone has this ability to enter a hypnotic trance. Even if everyone does not enter it with the same ease.

If you have a strong and very analytical mind, then it will take a little longer, that's my job and I'm pugnacious. For your part, you must confirm your motivation and your wish to enter this state of consciousness. 

5. What are the main indications for hypnosis and energy healing?

The main reasons for hypnosis are the treatment of acute and chronic pain, the treatment of anxiety and addictions, getting rid of PTSD, bad memories, helping to concentrate and potentiation of motivations.

Energy care can detect and release soul ties, attachments that have no place or should no longer exist in your current life. 

6. Can I get a medical or psychological diagnosis?

Your doctor is the one and only person authorized to make a diagnosis. 

Hypnosis and energy treatments are fabulous tools be aware about the root of a problem, and the way to eliminate it. It is a help in overcoming long and painful treatments.  Nevertheless, you should always follow your doctor's prescriptions. 

Hypnosis and energy healing are boosters of your recovery, a piece of the puzzle for your complete realization, it is not the puzzle itself.

7. How long does a session last?

Therapeutic listening, EFT, angelic therapy, the first coaching last between 1 hour and 1h30.

Transpersonal hypnosis®, regressive hypnosis lasts approximately 4 hours. The time needed to visit 1 or 2 lifetimes, converse with your higher self, beings and entities, receive quantum healing if that is right.

Although you will remember much of your experience when you wake up, you won't feel like it took that long. You will re-listen to your session quietly at home.

8. Do I need to prepare before a session?

Come as you are, casually and respectfully.  ​

For transpersonal hypnosis®, I send you a video a few days before the session to get you used to deep relaxation and the hypotic trance process. The better you have prepared yourself before the session, the more you will reach and receive useful information for your current life during the session. A small investment in your life for great consequences afterwards.  

Only one recommendation for the success of your session, you should not consume alcohol or festive products (illegal!) in the 24 hours preceding the session. Simply because your subconscious only welcomes one "guest" at a time, the effects of alcohol/substances... or my voice and my guidance   :-)

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