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transpersonal hypnosis®

What is Transpersonal Hypnosis®?

Transpersonal Hypnosis® ultimately focuses on the fourth wave, spiritual potential, with the goal being to help clients wake-up to who they truly are.

Recognize old suitcases brought back from past lives and put them back in their place for a better current life.

The session

A session lasts about 4 hours. As you will receive lots of information, it is often a unique session to get benefits. 

After a deep relaxation, you are between awake and asleep, still conscious. You may have sensation as swimming as a dolphin, flying like a bird, managing as a king or queen, riding a horse as a Mongolian knight. You may smell foods from the past, you may hear someone teaching you something, everything is possible. You are always safe.

Regressive Hypnosis® is a great tool to break ties of the past. 

If it is fair and true, we can ask to erase consequences of negative experiences, or, bring back hidden abilities.  

Your higherself or your guide can bring to light tied souls and entities inhibiting your current growth, let's free them. 

The session is recorded and you will get a copy of it. You will enjoy again the spiritual healing. Feel safe that during the session I insist, I will never ask you to play a funny dancing monkey or telling me your bank pin.

For Whom and Why?

Experience a session to solve repetitive patterns, understand blockages in your life, chronic pain, understand and cleanse your karma, understand soul bonds, dissolve toxic bonds, know your life mission, and many other reasons that can improve your current life.


You are much greater beings than you imagine.

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