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Terms & Conditions

The services offered are for the benefit of your well-being, your personal development, the healing of your life episodes, support in challenging situations (sport, university, professional or personal challenge), support along a long and trying treatment.
These are not medical acts. Virginie Antoine has no medical status and does not issue any medical diagnosis.
Please consult your doctor or specialist for these requests.

A person with established psychiatric disorders will be denied access to any service.


All sessions are by appointment.
A transpersonal hypnosis session lasts between 3 and 4 hours. The other services have a variable duration, between 1h and 1h30.

Payments are made by Visa card or bank transfer

Transpersonal Hypnosis:
I dedicate a day just for you to the preparation, the realization and the conclusion of your session. Thank you for respecting this commitment.

Your appointment is confirmed when a 25% is paid.
The session must be paid in full 48 hours in advance.
A session can be postponed by a simple phone call to (507) 6008 1116 or by email to within 24 hours prior to the session.
A session that is not canceled within 48 hours is non-refundable.

Other services:
If this is our first time meeting, sessions must be paid in full for 24 hours in advance.
Subsequently, face-to-face sessions can be paid for the same day before the session. For online sessions, payment must be made the day before.
The bank charges me fees for maintaining my account, so I cannot offer extendable payment facilities without the guarantee of your commitment.


A margin of 20 minutes is tolerated. Beyond that, the duration of the session will be impacted. In the case of an unforeseen event, please notify me immediately at (507) 6008 1116. Beyond 30 minutes without news, the session is considered completed and therefore non-refundable.



A receipt is given after the complete realization of the service. An invoice can be established through PFPO Consulting & Coaching Inc. RUC 2611912-1-8354 owned by Virginie Antoine.

Virginie Antoine undertakes to keep confidential all information relating to its clients. If so there is a written and signed agreement from the client for the broadcasting of the audio sessions on the internet networks, specifying the level of censorship of the names and places mentioned in the session.

Clients are responsible for the disclosures they make of their own experience, and will refrain from denigrating if the results obtained were not those desired. 

In the event of a dispute that cannot be settled amicably, the competent
court will be

the court of Panama City, under the authority of the Panamanian lawyers.

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