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Entities and spirit releasmement

Listen what entities have to say and clear them

Spirit attachment is defined in the simplest terms as a person who has an undesirable energy or an entity connected to them. This concept has been accepted by many shamans, esoteric philosophies, transpersonal psychology, and mediums for a long time. Spirit attachments can vary in power, have different potential effects, and may be misdiagnosed as symptoms that can fit a number of other possible causes. We all have spirit attachments in different degrees.

They enter our energy body after we have a trauma. Traumas create cracks or splits in our energy field, and we can lose soul fragments in that moment. The lower spirits enter in these moments of vulnerability if we are not protected or aware. This is very common and happens to almost everybody, so we need not feel ashamed or guilty for “allowing this to happen”, as we are unaware and this happens below our level of consciousness. Once we are aware and have the proper techniques, then we can take the actions required to free ourselves from these attachments.

Thoughts are vibrations and with your thoughts you attract entities that resonate. Thoughts affect the condition of the energy body. With your thoughts and projections, you are feeding entities. For example, gossiping, jealousy, addictions, control issues, victim complex, pornography, etc. All our bad habits and everything that causes an endless repetition of our unconscious pattern of behavior are connected to the lower chakras and by resonance we attract the same type of low energy entities.

Symptoms, like pain or tension in your body may be attachments, you may be carrying soul fragments of another person that is alive, for example an ex-boyfriend who abused you or

broke your heart, or a schoolmate who was bullying you and now is inside still torturing you.

Transpersonal Hypnosis® helps to clear them in a smooth and safe way and invite them to leave your aura and go back in its light family.

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